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Discover a vast variety of student sample papers totally free written by our seasoned writers, covering an extensive range of academic subjects, including psychology, sociology, literature, and more. Explore different citation styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and more to find the perfect example for your research or study needs.

Essay on Demand, The Law, & Price Elasticity

This example of an essay on demand, the law of demand, and price elasticity, comprising 595 words from an Economics subject, offers students a foundational guide to writing and formatting papers in APA Style.

  • Subject: Economics
  • Style: APA
  • Sources: 4
  • Paper type: Expository essay
  • Pages/Words: 3 | 595
  • Level: College

College Application Essay Example

By reviewing this 500-word application essay example on "Discuss How Growing in Multicultural Household has influenced Your Perspective on Diversity & How these Experiences have Shaped Your Aspiration for the Future?", students can gain valuable insights on how to format their essays for college admissions.

  • Subject: English
  • Style: Null
  • Sources: Null
  • Paper type: Admission essay
  • Pages/Words: 2 | 500
  • Level: School

Psychology Research Essay Example: APA Fomrat (7th Ed.)

This essay example "Beyond the Self: The Role of Transpersonal Psychology in Cleansing and Purification", comprising 1268 words from a Psychology subject, offers students a foundational guide to formatting research based essays in APA style (7th edition).

  • Subject: Psychology
  • Style: APA
  • Sources: 15
  • Paper type: Essay
  • Pages/Words: 7 | 1268
  • Level: Undergraduate

Chicago Style: Case Study Formatting Example

This case study example "The impact of the on-demand gig economy on labor laws and workers' rights", spanning 1028 words from an Economics subject, provides students with a fundamental guide to formatting papers in Chicago style.

  • Subject: Economics
  • Style: Chicago
  • Sources: 6
  • Paper type: Case study
  • Pages/Words: 6 | 1028
  • Level: Undergraduate

Biology Essay Example Formatted In APA Style

This example of a 2230 words Biology essay "Exploring DNA Repair Mechanisms and their Role in Resistance to Nucleoside Analogues", offers students a foundational guide to formatting papers in APA Style.

  • Subject: Biology
  • Style: APA
  • Sources: 19
  • Paper type: Essay
  • Pages/Words: 12 | 2230
  • Level: Masters
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